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    • The TOKARA farm was purchased in 1994 by GT Ferreira. Classic varietals were planted on the 400m above sea-level slopes.
    • Tokara’s wines are sourced from their own vineyards in Stellenbosch, Walker Bary and Elgin.
    • The estate values are to create a balance between the vegetative and reproductive qualities of the vine, which is beneficial to both the environment and the quality of the estate’s product.

Vineyards & Style

    • Balance, texture, elegance and the ability to age are distinctive traits of the TOKARA Premium range of wines, made from top quality grapes
    • The TOKARA “home farm” is rested on the Simonsberg side of the Banghoek Valley, at elevations of between 350m and 550m
    • Soil profiles are of weathered sandstone and decomposed granite, the combination lending structure, perfume and longevity to our wines.


The Classic Wines

Reserve & Director's Reserve Wines

Ultra Premium Reserve Wine

The story behind Tokara’s award-winning wines.

Wherever you are in the world, sharing a bottle of Tokara wine evokes the mystery and majesty of the Simonsberg mountain. That’s what sets our wine apart from some of the world’s greatest wines. It has nothing to do with how we make our Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc. Instead, it has everything to do with where our wine is born.
It transports you to valleys of green, lofty mountainsides, and carefree days. And that feeling is impossible to recreate. Unless, of course, you open a bottle of Tokara’s finest.

The MAGIC is in the soil

What sets Tokara wine apart from other award-winning wines is our soil. The farm forms the watershed between two beautiful valleys on the foothills of the majestic Simonsberg, the dramatic backdrop and foundation for Tokara’s unique terroir. Tokara rests on the Stellenbosch side of the Banghoek Valley, between 350m and 550m above sea level.
The combination of altitude, deep, rich, decomposed granite soils and the unique aspect of the property make for exciting variability between the vineyard sites.
Soil profiles are of weathered sandstone and decomposed granite, the combination lending structure, perfume and longevity to our wines. Over the years, we’ve honed parcels of excellence in the vineyards to create exceptional individual batches. Our winemakers then blend these batches to produce the top tier wines we’re known for.
Our Highlands vineyard lies south of Stellenbosch in Elgin, a cool-climate area atop Sir Lowry’s Pass. Soils are predominantly Table Mountain sandstone which imparts an ethereal scent to our Sauvignon Blanc and Cap Classique sparkling wine.

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