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Wines of Marlborough New Zealand

The Better Half

Wines that are designed to be enjoyed now


What do you name your wine brand when your wife is a well-known New Zealand winemaker with a successful label of her own? To George, the answer was obvious. He gave a smirk and chose the tongue-in-cheek name ‘The Better Half’.

It was a bold move, but George is a game-for-it kinda guy. With a roll of the eyes from wife Jules, George dusted off his winemaking hat and dived in.


Growing up in rural South Canterbury in a family with a long history of aviation, it was only a matter of time before George Elworthy got the flying bug himself. He’s now a part-time pilot, amateur aircraft restorer, angel investor, and avid mountain biker. He’s also an experienced winemaker but that’s a bit hard to fit on a business card, so he’s content to be known as “the better half”.

George Elworthy, Owner/Winemaker


Aside from Jules, George’s other great love is vintage aircraft, so we’ve given a nod to both on The Better Half packaging. Look for the stylized bird emblems reminiscent of those found throughout the airline industry. George spends plenty of time staring at rivets while he works to restore an old Fairchild aeroplane, so you’ll also see those embossed on the label.

Two birds on the label represent George and Jules. The strong eagle is George: a daring risk-taker who is always looking to the future. The gentle dove is Jules: the loving peacemaker of the family who is admired for her more cautious, meticulous approach.

Together, they make an unflappable, formidable team who complement each other perfectly. George and Jules dared to dream big and now they fly high with a successful stable of world-class wines tucked under their wings.

Our Roots

The Better Half Wines are grown and made in Marlborough, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island; the edge of the earth, home to dreamers, pioneers, and aviators. It’s the place that put a tiny South Pacific nation on the world wine map: a region of sunny, dry summers and crisp, clear winters creating the perfect growing conditions for our tiny, delicious parcels of happiness. We pour our love for the land and the fruit we grow into creating wines to share amidst the banter and laughter with friends and family. However you share, slurp or sip, we invite you to raise a glass, then relax and enjoy.

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