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Wines of the Willamette Valley

Row 503

About Row 503 Pinot Noir

The Oceanic submersions and later Missoula Floods left behind deep, vibrant sedimentary soils that add to the unique terroir. Breathtaking and dramatic, the Pacific Ocean to the West exerts a maritime influence, creating foggy mornings, cool nights, and the perfect climate needed for growing Pinot Noir. This allows the grape to reveal its complex and elegant nature.

With a long growing season, abundant sun in the summer, and the soils essential for greatness, Oregon is a Pinot Noir Kingdom of the West.

Pinot Noir is born in the heart of Oregon wine country, where ancient soils cover the famous slopes of the Cascades and the Coastal Range. The lava flows of 15 million years ago are now the rich volcanic soils treasured by some of the world’s great winemakers.

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