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A Fine Swiss Wine from Vaud

Henri Badoux

Henri Badoux Aigle AOC

Aigle AOC Les Murailles

For more than 100 years…

The best stories always start with “Once upon a time”. Our story is no exception. The Maison Henri Badoux wrote the first lines of it in 1908: Once upon a time there was a small vineyard in the Chablais which would one day become the source of excellence and passion. Now, over 100 years later, his vision has long since become a reality.

It all started in the modest vineyard of Clos les Murailles. It is the birthplace of a true icon of Swiss wine history, the famous Aigle les Murailles. Since then, tradition and the spirit of innovation have shaped and accompanied our own corporate history – just like the personalities who have led the company over several generations.


Badoux’s Values


Henri Badoux has been synonymous with the wine culture of the Canton of Vaud since 1908. Backed by our Aigle vines, looking towards Lake Geneva, we are continuing the story of our traditional company, which began one day with Aigle les Murailles, which has since become a cult wine.

Know how

Experience, expertise in oenology and interest in the terroir are the foundations of our extensive winemaking skills. The result is excellent wines, whose consistently high quality level inspires enthusiasm and which are welcomed throughout Switzerland as valued ambassadors of the Chablais region.


We want to share our passion for the region and its grape varieties. She constantly inspires us with new ideas to make our wine culture perceptible to the five senses. Moreover, it motivates us to keep the charm of our nature by treating it with all due respect.


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