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The Best of the Rías Baixas Region of Spain!

Paco & Lola

Paco & Lola – Rias Baixas, Spain

Paco & Lola comes from 500 sun-kissed acres of vineyards in Meano (Pontevedra) where the Rosalia de Castro Winery is situated in an area considered to be the cradle of Albariño wine.

In the heart of the Salnes Valley, this special area of northwest Spain is making some of the country’s most interesting white wines.

The Val do Salnes Subarea, is the largest  growing area, covering more than the 50% of the surface and with more than the 70% of the growers.

Paco & Lola is a young, modern winery committed to a fresh way of making and experiencing wine. Known around the world for our sophisticatedly fun image.


This distinguishing but risky mark of product identity, our desire to think outside of the box and the achievement of brand recognition worldwide are the three pillars of Paco & Lola’s winemaking philosophy. They are behind absolutely everything we do, from our packaging and bottle design, -with Paco & Lola’s signature crisp, bold polka dots-, to the entire winemaking process itself. By being true to this philosophy we have established ourselves as one of the most recognized wineries within the appellation Rías Baixas.

And the foundation on which these pillars stand is to make exceptional wines for exceptional people.


Paco & Lola Still Wines

Paco & Lola Sparkling Wines


  • Founded in 2005, Paco & Lola is the fruit of a business initiative of a group of independent winegrowers from O Salnés who wanted to take their production to a professional level.
  • These growers formed a cooperative called “Sociedad Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana”, and now with over 400 members it is the largest cooperative belonging to the DO Rías Baixas.
  • Paco & Lola has over 200 hectares of vineyards spread out over more than 1800 plots of land typical of Galician smallholdings.
  • All these plots are located in the largest of the five DO Rías Baixas subzones, Val do Salnés.


  • Paco & Lola is equipped with the latest viticultural technology.
  • Through our state-of-the-art equipment and methods, together with the traditional winemaking wisdom and practical know-how of generations of growers, we are able to achieve the fullest expression of our grapes.
  • As a result, we continue to produce magnificent wines vintage after vintage.

Sustainable Wine Growing

  • From its beginning, Paco & Lola has been actively involved in sustainable production through its integrated management of winegrape growing practices that ensure the maximum respect for the environment.
  • We are one of three members of LIFE + Viñas Atlánticas ( LIFE + Atlantic Vineyards), an innovative project through which winegrowers are committed to minimizing the use of chemical products using a variety of techniques and coordinated actions within the Environmental Management System.


  • In line with our philosophy, we are running as an organization committed to starting the path of fulfilling the 17 Goals established in the United Nations General Assembly as part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Beyond regulatory compliance, inspired by our values, we promote the guarantee of gender equality and opportunities, as well as non-discrimination and we address the environmental challenge by focusing on improving our processes, facilities and supply chain.


  • With the implementation of this management system, our cooperative has managed to align the corporate strategy to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our first Sustainability Report, under the title “STUCK TO EARTH”, has been an important milestone in its management and an exercise of transparency and closeness with our stakeholders.



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