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Corton-Charlemagne – Grand Cru


Joseph Drouhin
Grand Cru




    • Corton Charlemagne is the only vineyard in Burgundy bearing the name of two emperors: “Corton” comes from the Gallo-Roman Curtis d’Othon, meaning the Domaine of Othon, a German emperor. And Charlemagne, the famous emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, was once the proprietor of the vineyard. Corton Charlemagne is magnificently situated on an impressive hill dominating the village of Aloxe-Corton.
    • As the slope turns from east to west, most of the vineyards face due south.
    • Joseph Drouhin has a small estate in Corton Charlemagne.
    • The utmost care is given to the vines: low yields, no fertilizer, no weed killer.
    • Plowing and leaf removal are used when necessary.
    • The wine-making techniques are traditional; barrel fermentation, aging in oak barrels.


GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Chardonnay

FOOD PAIRINGS: Excellent with shellfish cooked in a light wine sauce or any delicate fish prepared grilled or poached. The wine should be served no colder than 13°C (57°F).

TASTING NOTES: “One of the greatest wines of Burgundy, to be tasted with awe and reverence. It has an intense golden hue. On the nose, there are some subtle tones of rose, fresh almond, citrus, honey, exotic wood and spice. Majestic and well balanced on the palate. Generous and lively at the same time. Intense and complex aftertaste. All the aromas mingle and linger for quite a long time afterwards. A wine of undeniable majesty.” – Véronique Drouhin-Boss



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