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Meursault Perrières


Joseph Drouhin
Meursault Perrières
Premier Cru



    • During the Middle-Ages, the monks realized that there were wide distinctions between the vineyards.
    • They also started to give them names related to the general aspect of the fields or the kind of vegetation they bore.
    • One such vineyard was planted with juniper trees: it became “Genevrières”.
    • Another one was very stony: they called it “Perrières”. As a matter of fact, the soil of Perrières has a very hard and chalky soil. It has a light brown color with many broken stones that reflects the sun during the day.
    • It is dry, poor, and the roots of the vines have to go deep into the soil to find water.


    • 100% Chardonnay


Due to the refinement of their bouquet and the elegance of their flavors, these great white wines are unquestionably destined to accompany haute cuisine: shellfish cooked in a light wine sauce (court-bouillon) or any delicate fish (such as Dover sole) prepared grilled or poached. The wine should be served no colder than 13°C (57°F).


“A complex and generous wine, with a rare elegance. The color is extraordinarily luminous. On the nose, a palette of interesting and varied aromas: syrup, grilled almond, preserved fruit. In the mouth, a silky and ample texture which does not exclude freshness or lightness. Long on the palate, with flavors recalling grilled bread and fruit jam. Always a consummate example of a white Burgundy, this wine is perfection!”. – Véronique Boss-Drouhin



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